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00:00:34 - His upbringing in the forties and family background 00:12:00 - Memories of the house in Sharq and childhood 00:26:40 - The role of women in Kuwait in the past 00:32:03 - The transition phase after the pearl trade 00:35:36 - Primary school education 00:38:33 - High school education in Egypt 00:49:44 - University education in Cairo in the early sixties 01:23:44 - Moving from Sharq to Al-Dasma with his family 01:50:09 - His work in the Ministry of Education as a social supervisor in the sixties and receiving a scholarship to study in the United Kingdom 02:17:32 - His return to Kuwait in the early seventies and working at Kuwait University 02:33:46 - Social life in the seventies and his work in the National Council for Culture, Arts & Letters, and Kuwait University 03:03:36 - “The Gulf Today” television program and the establishment of the Gulf Cooperation Council 03:29:20 - Open Sesame program 03:42:29 - Al-Arabi Magazine 04:06:08 - The political situation in the mid and late eighties 04:25:00 - The Iraqi Invasion and the publishing of “Voice of Kuwait” 04:57:57 - The liberation of Kuwait 05:20:33 - Qurain Cultural Festival and cultural activities 05:32:48 - His work in the Supreme Council for Planning and Development, and his work with Sheikh Saad 05:51:11 - Current work and interests