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00:00:00 - Family background and his father’s role in education in Kuwait in the thirties 00:07:42 - Early elementary education in Baghdad 00:17:10 - Middle school education in Damascus 00:29:00 - His interest in sports and love for nature 00:40:24 - His parents in Kuwait and their work in education 01:06:33 - Moving from Damascus to Kuwait in 1957 01:09:02 - Shuwaikh High School 01:36:20 - Spending free time in the fifties in Kuwait 01:51:00 - His father’s work in Kuwait at the Ministry of Interior 02:07:33 - Studying in the United Kingdom and Egypt after high school 02:27:07 - Studying in the United States in the sixties 03:27:00 - Earning his PhD in the United States in the seventies and then working at Kuwait University 03:39:13 - His scientific research and moving between Kuwait and the United States 03:55:32 - His work at the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research in the mid-seventies 04:17:00 - His experience in Geneva in the eighties 04:27:40 - The Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and his role in carrying the Kuwaiti cause abroad 04:39:14 - The liberation of Kuwait and his return to Kuwait 04:53:18 - Working at UNESCO in Cairo 05:09:40 - Working at the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna 05:21:30 - Working at OPEC 05:27:40 - Working at different institutions in Kuwait, like Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, National Technology Enterprises Company and the National Commission for Nuclear Energy 05:35:10 - Working at the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences