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00:00:20 - Upbringing and childhood memories 00:10:15 - Studying at Victoria School in Egypt 00:26:36 - The American University in Cairo and moving to study in the United States 00:44:26 - Returning to Kuwait after completing his studies 00:50:24 - Postgraduate studies in the United States and volunteering at the United Nations 00:55:35 - On Kuwait and old Salmiya 00:58:18 - The Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development 01:06:14 - Being appointed Minister of Finance and Minister of Planning (Public Works) and the process of establishing the civil registry 01:12:04 - Resigning from the ministry and working for the Arab Fund for Economic & Social Development 01:27:33 - The Iraqi invasion of Kuwait 01:38:35 - The impact the Iraqi invasion had on the Fund; the liberation of Kuwait 01:45:47 - Retirement 01:48:17 - On his work as a minister and his experience at the National Assembly 01:54:21 - Friendships and activities in his school years 01:59:46 - Entertainment in Kuwait in the fifties and sixties 02:04:30 - Kuwait’s relationship with neighbouring states