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Interview with Thuraya Al-Baqsami
Thurayya Al-Baqsami talks about her early childhood memories between a boarding school in Lebanon and the neighborhoods of old Kuwait. She talks about how these early childhood experiences influenced her art and enriched her imagination. She delves…

Interview with Hussain Al-Youha
In this interview Hussain Al-Youha talks about being born in Dubai and his early childhood memories of moving to Kuwait. He talks about living in Sharq with two extended families and then relocating to Salmiya. He describes the old neighborhoods,…

Interview with Fareed Abdal
Fareed Abdal begins the interview by talking about living near Fireej Shiyookh, Al-Dasma, and later in Fintas. He recalls his childhood memories in Fintas and growing up in a mixed community of hadar and badu. He talks about the different activities…

Interview with Waleed Al-Rujaib
Waleed Al-Rujaib starts the interview by talking about growing up in Hawali. He recalls living with his extended family and his early memories of tending animals with his grandmother. He describes his relationship with his parents and how they…

Interview with Sarah Akbar
In her interview, Sarah Akbar takes us to the beginning of her childhood in Magwa’a and recalls her fond memories of the oil fields. She recollects times that were filled with friendships, academic excellence, and the closeness of the Kuwaiti…
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